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by swall

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released July 9, 2012



all rights reserved


swall Ireland

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Track Name: hot girl
i’m a hot girl and it’s a hot night,
lyin in my bed, everything’s alright.
hand on my left and hand on my right,
i’m feelin good cos tonight is my night
Track Name: care$$
i don’t want ur dollas hunni, pls bby don’t give me that money
i don’t care about credit cards, i just want u hard.

touchmetouchmetouchmetouchme, put down ur wallet.
take ur hands out of ur pocket.
touchmetouchmetouchmetouchme, hands down my dress.
i don’t want money i just want a caress.

i can’t wear gold, my skin is too pale.
read my body like it’s covered in braille.
don’t buy me shoes, i can’t walk in heels.
just take ur clothes off, let’s seal the deal
Track Name: c r a z y i'm a l a d y
all the men say please when i sway and tease
but they never gonna get none from a girl like me
kissin on yr bellybutton, we can make love for a month or somethin
touch myself while i'm wearing ur hat, make me moan like a kittycat
our bed is an altar to which i genuflect, just waiting for the morning round of tentacle sex
destiny's so right for me
crazy how things turn out to be
crazy i'm a lady sometimes i wonder if i was really meant to be
Track Name: she's a babe 4 u
i know she may be young
but she’s got feelings too
and she needs to do
what she feels like doing.
so let her go, and just listen

look at her over there, running her fingers through her hair
she’s done it for you, wants you to stare
wants you to take her back to your lair

entrances you with eyes
forces you to tie
her up and
use her like you want to
you won’t defy

look at her on the floor, she’s screaming out for more and more
do what she wants or she’ll show you the door
just cos she wants it don’t make her a whore